Decorate your old coffee table with glowing colors

February 23, 2020

So, you have a beloved old coffee table that has seen greater days. It’s time to throw it out? No! As you actually still like your old coffee table why not just refurbish it and give it a new life? Afore you start thinking about how to revamp your old coffee tables, you have to prepare an area that is particularly set up for this plan. If you are varnishing in the parking or your home, you may have to lay down a painting fall cloth.

Step by step process to revamp your old coffee table:

Remove the Old Finish:

Whether your old table had a prior coat of paint you have to remove all of the combined items to the table till you are back to the naked wood and do sand and re-varnish your coffee table to have a smooth surface.

For this work, you can buy any sand and re-varnish your coffee table or varnish remover from your regional hardware store and follow the commands on the package.


Now it’s the time you have been expecting for, time to take out that new paint. Begin by applying the first coat and allowing it dry. It is important that you just paint one coat and leave it to fully dry. Many people grow impatient and desire to pile on coats of wet paint to finish the project more quickly. This will point to an unattractive coating and likely transfer you back to the starting.

Once your first coat is totally dry, add the next coat. Repeat, allow this to completely dry before you think whether or not the piece requires more paint. Proceed to add one layer at a time till you have the aspired amount and shade of paint on your coffee tables.

Finishing Coat:

Once you have varnished your tables you have one last question to inquire yourself, do you need to add a finishing shielding coat? Since you were seeking to learn how to brush your old coffee tables that had been stirred up from extreme use, it may not be a poor idea to add a plain coat of clear coat as the last layer to provide your tables with a little extra protection against your active family.

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