Product History, Cross Product Development Milestones

February 27, 2020

Finishes consist of two-tone 18 karat gold filled stainless steel and stainless steel and 18 karat gold. 1998 – Alhambra Mica Gray in four different technology: ball-point pencil, 0.5millimeter pen, Selectip rolling ball pen and fountain pen. Cinnabar Red and Cobalt Blue three technology: a fountain pen and ball-point pencil, Selectip rolling ball pen. 1998 – Century II (global market) broad girth ball-point pens and 0.5millimeter pens in 14 karat gold-filled, sterling silver, 10 karat gold-filled, Classic Black, Medalist, Lustrous Chrome, Blue Wood, Green Wood, Rose Wood and Black Lacquer finishes. 1998 – New Hallmark Designs comprise Friend, Teacher, School Bus, Cat, Babysitter, Dog, Wonderful Human Being and Coach topics.

1998 – lineup expands to add Sonoma chronographs and date show for her and him. Case and necklace finishes incorporate 18 karat gold filled and stainless steel and stainless steel and leather straps with the strong stainless steel case. 1999 – Century II lineup (U.S. 23 Karat Gold Plated, Black Lacquer, Medalist and Chrome. Technologies contain the ball-point pencil, 0.5millimeter pen, Selectip Rolling Ball Pen and fountain pen. Cinnabar Red Alhambra Mica Gray and goods eventually become a part of this Century II lineup. 1999 – Century Lumina Blue has been released. 1999 –  cross product (sterling silver cap with black lacquer barrel) writing tools. Technologies contain fountain pen, Selectip rolling ball pen and ball-point pen.

2000 – Popularly priced product lineup advertised under the Bill Blass permit name in various finishes and styles. 2000 – Century II Tuxedo/Rhodium (Rhodium cap/Black Lacquer diameter ) and also Tuxedo/Silver Plated (Silver Plated cap/Black Lacquer barrel). 2000 – Morph pens in Sherwood Green, Electric Blue, Mars Red, Quicksilver, Aztec Orange, Copper, Jet Black and Sage Gold, together with chrome-plated appointments. 2001 – Six gel ink refills for use from the Ion gel ink pen. 2001 – MicroPen PDA-size retractable pencil with the stylus in silver, black, orange and blue. 

2001 – Rolling Ball Refill extends to gel ink. 2002 – Morph² Rollerball at Smoked Mercury Vapor and Blue Graphite finishes. 2002 – Cross Matrix Multi-Function Pen, comprises stylus double ball-point and option . 2002 – Cross Matrix Ball-Point Refills in blue, black and crimson point. 2002 – ATX Lacquer finishes together using rhodium-plated appointments. Finishes include Vernal Green, Cyanic Blue and Sepia Brown. 2002 – Cross Accessory Line. Includes Mid-Size and Large Portfolios, Palm V and Multi-brand PDA instances, Stationery Gift Set, Daily Planner, Pen/Accessories Case, Business Card Case, Letter Opener, Money Clip and Key Ring.